With over four decades of unparalleled global expertise in crime prevention and law enforcement, we have a proven track record in combating various criminal activities. Our core focus lies in investigating compliance violations, white collar crime, corruption, conflicts of interest, antitrust violations, fraud, and anti-money laundering.

Our firm leads both extensive and intricate investigations on a global scale, successfully tackling cases of all magnitudes. We are highly specialized in conducting challenging interviews, providing valuable insights and extracting critical information.

Furthermore, we excel in the development and execution of compliance reviews and audits, enabling us to efficiently uncover instances of fraud, embezzlement, and bribery. Our proficiency extends to devising and implementing robust compliance policies, encompassing code-of-conduct, anti-corruption, anti-trust, and conflict of interest policies.

Notably, we take pride in our ability to create comprehensive compliance training programs, delivered through classroom and online modules. Annually, we have trained over 1,000 employees in essential topics such as „Dealing with Gifts,“ „Conflicts of Interest,“ and „Avoiding Corruption.“

Beyond our core competencies, we possess extensive experience in crisis management, risk assessment, and providing strategic counsel to management on compliance matters. Our proactive approach to developing crime prevention strategies ensures our clients‘ long-term security and success.

In the pursuit of excellence, we collaborate with a network of highly qualified specialists, including tax consultants with national and international expertise, lawyers well-versed in criminal law, data protection, and inheritance law, IT experts proficient in databases, cyber security, OSINT, and money tracking, as well as internal audit specialists both at home and abroad.

For personalized assistance and to explore how we can add value to your organization, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

Call us at +49 176 436 454 80 or +46 72 378 60 29,

or simply write to us at tiicc(at)gmx.net to arrange a phone appointment.

Together, we can build a safer and more compliant future for your business.